I made it through the Ghost Sex, and I hung in there briefly with the crop of interns that came in after that, but it was Cristina Yang’s final episode that sealed it for me: I thought it was so badly done that I didn’t even want to bother seeing how Grey’s handled a post-Yeredith era (did Cristina/Meredith have a portmanteau? They should have). I think I made it 10 minutes into the following season’s premiere and then groaned.

But… I don’t know, y’all, Grey’s kept on ticking. They got rid of most of those interns — Camilla Luddington remains, but I like her now? — and the world turned into a strange and stressful place, and suddenly I wanted something familiar and comfortable. Almost all of my TV right now is stuff that makes me laugh, smile, or cry out my feelings in a therapeutic way, like This Is Us and Kevin (Probably) Saves The World, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Good Doctor, Speechless, Legends of Tomorrow, and of course The Good Place and OutlanderĀ andĀ Dynasty (that one is laughter, mostly, I guess; certainly not Feelings). I do still watch How I Met Your Murder and Scandal, but mostly because I’m curious how they will end the latter — everyone on it except Mellie is The Worst, and I’m annoyed that they’re making Mel’s horniness govern her, well, governance, although I guess she learned that from Fitz — and how many more people touched by Team Annalise can meet a grisly end.

Anyway: TV is potent comfort food, and Grey’s is back on my table. Are you with it? Might you go back to it? Let’s talk.

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