It’s always hard to tell with these things WHY certain people were invited, or if other people were included but couldn’t come or chose not to — but, for example, Emma Stone wasn’t there so does that mean Deadline is writing off Battle of the Sexes? And Jennifer Lawrence IS there, so does Deadline assume she is catnip to nominating bodies and that her work in Mother — ugh, sorry, mother! — will be recognized even though that movie was so divisive? And is Jessica Chastain really getting buzz for Molly’s Game, which kinda came and went? Didn’t ALL those movies drop by the wayside a bit? (WHOOPS: I’m conflating Molly’s Game’s TIFF showing with an actual premiere; it hasn’t come out yet.)

The answer: Deadline doesn’t actually decide this stuff so none of this matters, and I bet they just invited whomever they could get. BUT! It’s fun to think about, and I just most of all hope that Margot Robbie in I, Tonya, is as good as I want her to be. I would LOVE IT if somehow she got nominated for an award and BROUGHT TONYA HARDING TO THE OSCARS. CAN YOU DIG IT.

[Photos: Chelsea Lauren/Deadline/REX/Shutterstock]