Dear Mr. Schuster’s hair,

You are famous for, in Sue Sylvester’s words, looking like you were styled with a bucket of lard, being a home to Keebler elves, and/or resembling a briar patch, among other insults. So this was a fun change:

You’re very cute, and obviously talented, but we always did secretly wonder if Sue Sylvester spoke the truth. So it’s nice to see your alter-ego, Matthew Morrison, bouncing around town with his head coiffed a little differently. We also like his jacket, but we aren’t sure if we can credit you with that, unless somehow this new style doubles as an updated thinking cap. That would be some nice multi-tasking.

Anyway: Don’t ever change forever, but thanks for giving Matthew an occasional new flavor. Baskin Robbins has thirty-one of them; we feel like it’s good for a dude to have at least two.