I have to admit that it just seems right for Ricky Martin to be back at the Grammys. Remember that year he performed La Copa de la Vida, and everyone just collectively lost their shit? (Including me: that performance was insane. Also, back in the times before we’d all heard that song 25,000 times, that song was insanely catchy.) That was fun. Also, he’s cute:

Also, he’s wearing SILVER METALLIC JEGGINGS. Any man who will pop up on a red carpet in jeggings — especially metallic ones, especially in this time during which Pete Wentz is probably at home crying into a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats — is someone I will happily embrace, if only because it’s amusing. But seriously: from the waist up, he could be speaking at a conference about, like, fiduciary responsibility in these troubled times. And from the waist done, he’s totally taking his fiduciary responsibility out for a drink and some go-go dancing. Ole!