Gossip Girl 2.o is starting its own 2.0 season, after a split first go-round was dumb and then dumber. Will this be dumberer? Who can say. (Well, I will probably say, but it only just hit HBO Max last night.) At this point the only thing that can save the show for me is if, in the premiere, all the teens band together to burn down the teachers’ lounge at their school — for which the police exonerate them, because of how those GROWN ADULTS are stalking kids and posting private, personal information about them on a gossip Instagram account. HOW the show expects anyone to be invested in those assholes is beyond me.

ANYHOO. The bright spot of last season was the addition of Grace Duah, here pictured ALSO being the bright spot of the photo. She’ flanked by Savannah Smith, whose Monet is taking over as the Queen Bee I think, and Emily Alyn Lind, whose character so far has no personality other than “likes being in a throuple” and “mumbly.” All three ladies look nice here, but boy, I love Grace’s dress. It’s by a line called Pistis and I am delighted to see something that takes two pretty commonplace colors right now — pink and yellow — and makes them feel wholly original. Perhaps Grace can have a similar effect on Gossip Girl. Which of course I will hate-watch, because as I’ve noted before it’s quite fun to yell at my TV when the consequences to my actual life are ZERO. It’s like therapy.

[Photo: Dominik Bindl/Getty Images]