I used to be kind of neither here nor there on Claire Danes. YES, I loved My So-Called Life, and I cried when she died in Little Women, but I feel like she went through a long period where all she did was show up places looking smug — and the whole Billy Crudup-Mary Louise Parker thing was awkward for everyone at best. But it was hard not to be worn over by Temple Grandin (and Temple Grandin), and she is so HARD CORE AWESOME on Homeland that now I totally love her.  We call this the Chloe Sevigny Effect — I once said, on these very pages, when I was younger and meaner, “f$%ck your umlat, Chloe Sevigny” — and now I love her, because she was so freaking great on Big Love. I am very fickle, you guys, and extremely easily swayed by someone who is really good at her job. ANYWAY. We love you now, Claire, and we are very happy you won, AND we liked your outfit. LOVE FEST! Let’s take a look.