I tend to forget that Nina Dobrev is only just gone 24 — not because she looks older, but because for her entire run on Vampire Diaries, she’s come off as very calm and poised and never seemed to turn into an insane party person. She just seems very together. But 24 is still a baby, practically, at least compared to Granny Crankypants over here. And so I remind myself that I shouldn’t be surprised to see something this youthful on her.

The color works, the fabric is pretty, and the slouchy belt is kind of cool, but let’s play with this. I think my big issue is with the length as it relates to the shoes. If the skirt were knee length, I think the shoes would work better, but as-is the busy ankle straps encroach high enough that — in photographs at least — they’re not leaving enough acreage between themselves and the hem. The result is that You Are Now Entering Old Stumptown, Population 1. Further, the hair feels like she’s dancing a pas de deux, the makeup is Treadmill Chic… it maybe would’ve been fun to have edgier styling to fight the innate girlyness of the frock. Vamp it up, if you will. HAR HAR. I guess we’ve officially reached the point in the post-Globes week where I don’t even apologize anymore for my hacky impulses.

Or do we even need to do anything?

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