Whenever we put Meryl Streep on here, people’s reactions often tend to the, “she’s Meryl Streep! She can do whatever she wants!” and I would be more inclined to agree with that in general if Meryl’s last several awards show outings hadn’t been so all over the place. There is adorably scattered and somewhat drunk and then there is, “Meryl, what are you talking about and is your hair in a banana clip?” and La Streep — as much as I do love her — has been slowly drifting toward the latter lately. The person, however, to whom I myself ALWAYS want to give a pass is:

I just love her, and she usually looks great. She does always look like she’s thought about whatever she’s throwing on. In this case, I feel like we’ve seen this before, perhaps literally, but the color is so smashing on her and she is Helen Mirren, so I don’t care.

Do you?

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  • I care. And this is TERRIFIC. (88%, 10,889 Votes)
  • I am unmoved. (9%, 1,064 Votes)

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