This one is such a head-scratcher that we’re at dandruff-warning Defcon 1.

Clearly Cinderella’s mice have been hitting the absinthe again.

The best part is that on the red carpet, she somewhat self-aggrandizingly noted that Prabal Gurung made this and told her that “only Zoe could wear it,” and while I am sure it’s difficult on the ego to turn down a dress that the designer thinks is a cherished and magical personal gift, I choose to interpret her comments as, “You guys, I was backed into a corner, WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?” I think I speak for us all when I say the answer is, “Spill water on it and then tell him somebody’s assistant was fired for clumsiness.”

Here is the back:

At first I thought this was a crazy Satanic tongue, and in fact it still might be, but I also can’t help wondering if the back someday might have found a less haphazard, drunken front to give it meaning. Oh well. Pass the sugar spoon, rodents. Maybe this thing makes sense where you are.

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