Alert: Amy Sherman-Palladino left the top hat at home! REPEAT: NO TOPPER ON ASP. And other scandals! Chrissy Metz had a rough night: After a show she was on teased the appearance of Alison Brie, a hot mic caught Chrissy saying, “She’s such a bitch.” Chrissy tweeted during the show that she would never in her life say a bad word about anyone ever, EVER (which… hon, everyone in the world has said bad things about people in their lives; that’s overcompensating), and that it’s a made-up story; her co-host claims he thought she said “babe” but that if she said “bitch” it was undoubtedly a joke. Of all these, I could most see the latter being true, and in fact, if I were Chrissy, I might’ve used the sarcasm defense myself. Maybe? That’s a tough one. Part of me wishes she’d been like, “I wasn’t talking about Alison, I was talking about MANDY MOORE, THAT EVIL WENCH,” just for laughs.

ALSO: As awkward as the opening was at times, LOOK how marvelous Sandra Oh is:

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That’s Versace and it is utterly divine on her. It read well on TV, too, from any which angle — which is hard to do. Overall she had a great night, even if the writing was clumsy.

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