Well, it’s too bad for Emma that all the La La Land Internet/critical backlash is coming in hot, because I’m sure that casts a weird pall. But she still had a great night. Not only did she win her first Golden Globe looking like a million bucks, but she did it in front of her ex, Andrew Garfield, who gave her a standing ovation. From an emotional standpoint, wouldn’t we ALL want to hit a career high in front of our ex who may or may not still be hot for us/who we may or may not still be hot for, but who ALSO may or may not be our forbidden fruit for some reason (I have no insight; I’m just being dramatic)? It’s so SATISFYING and romantically complex. Especially when she got the Globe for a film that’s about what you win and lose when you follow your passions.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]