Hey, all — just popping in here, amid some ongoing outages, to let you know that people are working around the clock to get GFY up and running again. Naturally, this all happened while we were on a plane yesterday to New York, for Fashion Week. OF COURSE.

It’s been working intermittently today, but this post has already been eaten or published blank TWICE thanks to ongoing burps, so setting new content for Thursday was impossible. But we’ll do what we can amid our Fashion Week schedule, and will try to get back to our regular posting schedule as soon as technology allows. The good news is, if you’re reading this, it means you can probably see the posts that are now up that you SHOULD have been able to read yesterday, and hopefully the other two we’d set in advance to run today.

In the meantime, for your fug fix, follow us on Twitter @fuggirls, because we’ll be at Fashion Week for the next nine days and we PRAY will see all kinds of people that are relevant to Fug Nation’s interests. Thanks for your patience!