New year, new books to give away! I’m excited about this one, and you will be too. You know that series of columns to which I once often linked, wherein Rebecca Harrington follows a celebrity diet for a week with hilarious (and occasionally agonizing) results (like the time she did all of Beyonce’s diets, or was in AGONY on Madonna’s [for example: “I am supposed to finish the diet with a tofu scramble, but I can’t even do it. I have some fried chicken instead.”)]? They’re really extremely funny. ANYWAY, BEHOLD:

THE PRIZE: Yay! A compilation of Harrington’s aforementioned hilarious Celebrity Dieting Essays PLUS brand new ones, just in time to combat all those articles about how to lose the five pounds of cheese weight we picked up over the last three weeks. (I do look forward to the Annual Email From GOOP About The Cleanse She Thinks I Ought To Try. This year, she’s worried about the fire retardants in our bodies.) So much amusement, all in one place! And we have FIVE AUTOGRAPHED copies to give away. Per Amazon:

“Rebecca Harrington leaves no cabbage soup unstirred in I’ll Have What She’s Having, her wickedly funny, wildly absurd quest to diet like the stars. Elizabeth Taylor mixed cottage cheese and sour cream; Madonna subsisted on ‘sea vegetables’ and Marilyn Monroe drank raw eggs whipped with warm milk. Where there is a Hollywood starlet offering nutritional advice, there is a diet Rebecca Harrington is willing to try. Facing a harrowing mix of fainting spells, pimples and salmonella, Harrington tracks down illegal haggis to imitate Pippa Middleton, paces her apartment until the wee hours drinking ten Diet Cokes a la Karl Lagerfeld, and attempts something forbiddingly known as the ‘Salt Water Flush’ to channel her inner Beyonce. Rebecca Harrington risks kitchen fires and mysterious face rashes, all in the name of diet journalism. Taking cues from noted beauty icons like Posh Spice (alkaline!), Sophia Loren (pasta!) and Cameron Diaz (savory oatmeal!), I’ll Have What She’s Having is completely surprising, occasionally unappetising, and always outrageously funny.”

THE TASK: I shall be picking the winner at random, but to keep it fun, let’s talk about all the celebrity cookbooks we may have read. I own A LOT OF THEM. Gwyneth’s are legitimately good (her Green Goddess dressing is great). Victoria Gotti’s (A JOKE GIFT, I swear), is not as bad as you might think, Miss Piggy’s is, of course, transcendent.

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