Listen, would the Clooneys and Julia!!! agree to be speakers (or something? The website is confusing) at these HISTORYTalks 2022: Your Place In History events if they did not have a film coming out next month? Who am I to say?  Apparently, “HISTORYTalks™ is a limited series of premium live events that invites audiences across the country to hear directly from global leaders, trailblazers, authors and filmmakers. HISTORYTalks explores our nation’s past to understand our present and illuminate our future.” That does sound legitimately interesting! (I believe the first one involved Tom Hanks chatting with former President Clinton, moderated by Chelsea Clinton.) And Amal is certainly qualified to speak about human rights, as she is a leading human rights attorney (like Mark Darcy); meanwhile, George has…done philanthropic stuff, and I think Julia is perhaps merely moderating a chat because her bio on the site is like, “JULIA IS A MOVIE STAR!” which is accurate! I do not know why everyone else was here, but perhaps it was to listen to Hanx and Bill chat! What you really need to know is that Bradley Cooper looks peaked and Venus and Serena look great.

[Photos: MediaPunch/Shutterstock, Bryan Dozier/Shutterstock]