It cracks me up that we’ve now got a Santa Barbara Film Festival, a Palm Springs Film Festival, and a Newport Beach Film Festival. It’s the Scenic Locale Adjacent to Los Angeles Film Festival Circuit and it’s inspired — get these celebs while they’re in town for the biggies, lure them to your town with its extremely pleasant scenery and nice hotels, and PROFIT! Next on the list: Lake Arrowhead, Catalina, and Solvang. You could also call this the Los Angeleno Romantic Mini-Break Tour, if you wanted. The We’re Going to [CITY HERE] For Our Anniversary This Weekend Tour. Whatever city PR teams dreamed this up deserve a raise and I’m 100% not kidding. Print this out and give to the mayor.

A person who perhaps should not mention this moment in their annual review is the one who decided this look was the go-to for Gemma upon this evening. She is capable of carrying off a lot and she never looks actively bad, but this ensemble is not, as the kids say, it. It just feels awkward? It’s VERY Boob Platter.

And another person who doesn’t deserve a raise is ME, as I just read Informative Caption and noticed it referred to this event as the “Newport Beach Film Festival Honours,” and thought, “how PRETENTIOUS, you’re in ORANGE COUNTY” and then I noticed this event is being held in LONDON, which is NOT on the Los Angeleno Romantic Mini-Break Hot Sheet. HOWEVER! It is still being sponsored by the OC Newport Beach event. Variety says, “The Newport Beach Film Festival, one of the States’ largest luxury lifestyle film festivals, has included a U.K. showcase in its line-up since its inception 24 years ago. In 2015 the festival extended its partnership with the U.K. by hosting an event in London honoring top British talent.” DOUBLE RAISE for the PR genius who thought of THAT and managed to finagle herself a little trip across the pond! I’m proud of you! For real, though.

[Photo: James Veysey/Shutterstock]