Scarlett and Colin Jost had a baby over the summer, and she’s been keeping things low-key lately, so it’s nice to see her back out and about, and of course her face looks fantastic. (I like this look with the hair pulled back.) I also like the idea of a sexy power suit on her, and this Versace one fits perfectly, especially the pants. (I did spend ten minutes wondering if her blazer was attached to the pants somehow, but I don’t think so.) It also has A SURPRISE for us, which is an unusual turn of events for a pantsuit, which is an article of clothing that is often pleasant but rarely surprising:

35th American Cinematheque Award, Los Angeles, USA - 18 Nov 2021

Unexpected! I just pray that somewhere in the Pacific Palisades, Jennifer Lopez is currently tracking down the man version of this for Ben Affleck’s Christmas gift. That, my friends, is true love.

[Photos: Matt Baron/Shutterstock]