Happy almost Halloween, Fug Nation! I hope you’re reading this whilst dressed up like, say, Taylor Momsen, or United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moo, or Princess Leia, or whoever. Have a safe and happy weekend, whatever you do — but before it starts, please to peruse the following:

Bookshelf Porn is probably my favorite new-to-me Web site. SO MANY BOOKSHELVES. Have you seen Karl Lagerfeld’s? READ. (Bookshelf Porn)

– Speaking of Halloween, I love this piece about costumes inspired by the Archives of American Art. If you go as the Rhinestone Cowboy, please send us a picture! (Archives of American Art blog)

– Apparently, Snooki is dressing up as a SEXY PICKLE this weekend. I wish I’d realized that I could have gone as a SEXY SANDWICH. Next year! (Refinery29)

– More Halloween: why do people force their dogs to wear costumes? Oh, wait. I know. Because their expressions of doggy-rage are kind of hilarious. (NY Mag)

This apartment, in a glass pyramid atop Seattle’s Smith Tower, is AMAZING. And yet I could not live there for fear that I would fall out a window and plummet to my death. (NY Times)

Celine Dion has named her babies. I have to confess: sometime over the last several years, I apparently decided I weirdly love Celine Dion, because when she had those babies all safe and sound I was unexpectedly very relieved for them all. Let’s all pound our chests in congratulation! (Celebitchy)

– Tom and Lorenzo wonder, YAY OR NAY to TURBANS for FALL. I say….yay AND nay. You know why. (Tom and Lorenzo)

– Jessica Simpson needs to move to a deserted island for like a year, so that this sort of PR stops happening. LET IT GO, J. MOVE ON. I really wish I were her Get-a-Grip friend. I have SO MUCH TO TELL HER. (Lainey Gossip)

– Have scientists proven that ESP exists?!? Well, this article says, “sort of.” I read it and I thought, “I don’t get it. But I’m INTRIGUED.” Which is how I feel about most everything, most of the time. (Psychology Today)

– Excited for the new movie Black Swan — you know, in which Natalie Portman is a psychotic ballerina, or something like that? The Darren Aronofsky flick that looks as if it’ll either be AWESOME or seriously so terrible that it’s awesome again? Even if you’re not, this interview with the film’s costume designer is fascinating. (The Ballet Bag)