September is really up and running, no? Hope yours has been fun so far. And we are delighted to note that EVENTS ARE BACK!  In addition to the onset of Fashion Month, the VMAs are Tuesday, September 12, so definitely pop by on Wednesday for all the action. Speaking of Wednesday, this means that next week’s free Drinks With Broads will hit your inboxes on Wednesday and cover the VMAs.  Also, the shows seems to be airing live everywhere, so we plan to host a subscriber chat at Drinks With Broads on Tuesday alongside the telecast so that we can gossip about it as it happens! Get in on the fun here if you haven’t already — and thanks so much to everyone who is reading the newsletter! Your support is (literally) keeping us in business.

Speaking of DWB, there was no Tuesday edition this week due to the Labor Day holiday, but paid subscribers got their Thursday issue as usual, and it was a DOOZY: We covered the Joe and Sophie thing, new developments in Kevin Costner’s many divorces, fresh news about the Beckham/Peltz wedding lawsuit, notable fashion items up for auction, one wild TV ad, and more!

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Speaking of Substack, our friends at Lainey Gossip launched one this week called The Squawk — of course, we signed up ASAP.

Speaking of Lainey, this was an interesting read at the site: Gigi Hadid: The Post-Leo Season. Are they over? Possibly so.

A GREAT piece about the costumes on Only Murders in the Building and And Just Like That. [Defector]

This was fun (and true!), via Amy Odell’s Substack, Back Row: 10 Things That Always Happen at Fashion Week

I’m not surprised at all: The Tonight Show Allegedly the Toxic Show. Rumors about Fallon’s alleged alcoholism have been rife for years. [Vulture, covering original reportage from Rolling Stone, to which I do not have a sub.]

Vulture took a deep dive into Rotten Tomatoes this week: “The Decomposition of Rotten Tomatoes: The most overrated metric in movies is erratic, reductive, and easily hacked — and yet has Hollywood in its grip.”

This is wild: The Pizza Shop That Took On Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports. [Bon Appetit]

Useful, at WaPo (gifted link), is this big piece about who owns what NFL team.

Ugh, the new J.Crew fall stuff is GOOD, I wish I didn’t know this!!!!! Thank god I remembered that I already own a glen plaid double-breasted blazer before I bought this one. (I really gotta go through all my fall stuff.) But what if I need a plaid wool lady jacket??? (I technically…already have one but it’s not the same color!) I need to get off this website.  [affiliate link]

Obvs v. relevant to our interests: T&C Reviews: The History of Capes. [T&C]

Likewise: Training for the Olympics of Cheese. [Eater]

This is neat: “Historians Discover ‘Remarkably Intact’ Shipwreck, Undisturbed Beneath Lake Michigan for 142 Years.” [Smithsonian]

I do not want to go to Burning Man under the best of circumstances, but this sounds like it was extra nightmarish for these folks: People have left Burning Man, but it took hours and they left a huge mess. (It goes w.o saying that I still think people needed to clean up after themselves but I suspect a lot of them were just….deranged given the circumstances.) [Celebitchy]

Here at GFY, we also had a few more fun chats. First, I rounded up boots!!! for you. And, in a hot topic, we all talked about our holy grail sheets!

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