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This is a truly powerful story from the Cincinnati Enquirer about the heroin epidemic in Ohio. Per the paper, “the Enquirer sent more than 60 reporters, photographers and videographers into their communities to chronicle an ordinary week in this extraordinary time.” It’s long, but it’s well worth the investment of your time.

Eater presents The Nancy Meyers Lifestyle Bingo Card

You NEED to see Danielle Steele’s desk. I’m not kidding. [Vanity Fair]

This is interesting, at Town & Country: Inside the Secret World of Tiffany & Co.’s Silversmiths​

I just want to say that my new favorite blog is Fancy Pasta Bitch, by Kara Brown (whom you may remember from Jezebel; she’s now writing for the Black-ish spin-off, Grown-ish, starring Fug Fave Yara Shahidi).

Racked argues that Torrid’s NYFW Show Reaffirmed Fashion’s Disdain for Fat People. “When a plus-size brand tries to bend that reality to its will by using a corporate budget to buy its way into the performative exclusivity of showing at NYFW, this is what happens. Hiring a PR firm with experience in Fashion Week show production means hiring one that doesn’t understand how much the plus community values our self-made stars, so they give the money to a thin person with more followers. They evaluate the relative value of media attendance by traditional standards, which means those who prop up the exclusionary status quo are nonetheless given preference over upstarts who consistently fight for the dignity of fat people to do something as basic and necessary as clothe ourselves.”

At Vanity Fair: 10 Years After Her Horrible 2007, Britney Spears’s Tabloid Saga Shows How Much Has Changed.

Jezebel wrote a fascinating piece on Iggy Azalea: The Making and Unmaking of Iggy Azalea

This New York Times story made me cry. The headline is A Stranger in Maryland, Touched by a Hurricane Story, Sends 3 Cups to Houston.  If you need a little weep, or a little boost with regards to the goodness of other people, give it a try.

I’m just going to leave this Evening Standard headline here: Epic battle erupts between Science Museum and Natural History Museum during Twitter’s #AskACurator day

Lainey takes on GOOP Magazine, and it’s very interesting. (Among other things Gwyneth takes credit for yoga.) Lainey really kind of cannot with Paltrow. To wit — and this is part of a larger and more complex argument: “Women have always had the courage to speak. It’s never been about not speaking. It’s about being HEARD. By the people and the systems that are the root cause of women not feeling empowered. Saying that goop is providing women with ‘content, product, ideas’ to further their curiosity so that they can make positive changes in their lives implies that women haven’t been effective at pushing for change because they didn’t have the right resources until goop came along and told them about f-cking earthing! Like, oh, it will happen when we get better at asking for it. Right. Because the assholes who get to decide about reproductive rights and equal pay and racial equality, they’re suddenly going to start paying attention after women get their auras read at the crystal booth while attending the goop summit?”

Summer is nearly over, and that’s why Revelist is trying super cheap tanning lotions.

At Pajiba: Get Over Yourself, Maria Sharapova. “A rivalry requires a level playing field, and Sharapova has never been a good enough player to match Serena. That’s what drives her spite. Sharapova cannot handle the notion of her own mediocrity and it’s crushing her. It has deluded her enough for her to call her memoir Unstoppable and to persist in her fantasy that Serena spends her days plotting her downfall. It drove her to dope because she believed she deserved to win more than Serena, even if she couldn’t do it fairly.”

Relevant to many of your interests, surely, is the Kickstarter for the Miss Fisher movie.

Over at Celebitchy, these Blake Lively/Kermit the Frog/Miss Piggy shots are ADORABLE. Team Piggy, obviously.

Related! Everything Serena Ever Wore on “Gossip Girl,” at You Know You Love Fashion. This was an EPIC UNDERTAKING.

Refinery29 chats up living legend Andre Leon Talley — with whom I had one of my most favorite NYFW moments. We were BOTH late for Oscar de la Renta one year, and the PR girls very nicely let us both in even though our seats had been taken, and we ended up having to stand in the photographers pit to watch the show. (I stood on a sandbag to be able to see.) It was a delight to get to be crammed next to him under a giant light. (I also remember, at my very first Fashion Week, seeing a be-caftaned ALT sweep into Proenza Schouler — this was before they were really even A Thing — and announce to the room at large, “I’M JUST GOING TO SIT HERE” before taking what was surely someone else’s seat. No one argued.)