Happy Friday! Can someone please explain to me why this week felt so freaking long even though, technically, it was a day shorter than usual? Regardless: I hope it was a smooth one for you. And just so you know: The next week is about to be ACTION-PACKED. The VMAs are on Sunday, the Met Gala is on Monday, and then somehow the Emmys are NEXT Sunday. Eat, as they used to say, your Wheaties!

– Vulture ran a thoughtful piece about Michael K. Williams, who tragically died over the weekend.

– This is SO INTERESTING: Academy Museum hired a hawk. His name is Spencer, and he scares for a living. [LA Times]

– Do you need/crave some new knee-high boots? I rounded some up for you!

– Prepping for the Met Gala on Monday: “What Is ‘American Fashion’ Now? As New York Fashion Week begins and the Met Gala returns, it’s time to confront the question of who gets to define a nation’s style — and whether anyone can.” [NYT]

– Related, this is so good: “A label is nothing without the people who cut, drape, and sew its clothes, workers who are as vital to a garment’s creation as the name on its tag. Ahead of this year’s event, the Cut met with six of them to talk about creating American couture, Fashion Week rituals, and the work that goes into those outrageous Met Gala gowns.” [The Cut]

– This is a very interesting piece about Dear Evan Hansen over at Lainey. (I never saw the musical, but I did read the plot on Wiki and it is….wild and not what I had mentally assumed it was.)

– Love this: A Secret Society Of Chicago Bakers Meets Every Month — And It’s Keeping Beloved Bakeries Alive [Block Club Chicago]

– I’m not going to watch Impeachment, but I enjoyed TLo’s take on it! (They call it “a semi-worthwhile slog.”)

– Page Six reports that Aniston is introducing a hair line, which feels like it should have happened ages ago! (I guess she did used to be the spokesperson for Living Proof, which — fwiw — I really like.)

– Oh man, Marie Claire is now officially online only. I miss print magazines! [Fashionista]

– I actually laughed out loud at the joke Kate Hudson made about that black dress with alllllll the cut-outs recently. [Lainey]

– God bless Fleetwood Mac for giving us interpersonal draaaaaama for literally like 40 years: Fleetwood Mac fired Lindsey Buckingham. So why won’t he let them go? (Because they ALL love mess!! They have loved this for 40 years! They thrive on their personal chaos! And always have! It’s great.) [LA Times]

– I needed this intel: An Update on ‘Better Call Saul’ Six Weeks after Bob Odenkirk’s Heart Attack [Pajiba]

– Really interesting: Adaptive Clothing Is the Future, and These 3 Leaders Are Changing the Game [Who What Wear]

– Celebrity baby news! Alicia Vikander confirms that she & Michael Fassbender welcomed a Fassbaby [Celebitchy]

– I’m excited for this and I shan’t apologize for it: Jen Shah’s arrest is featured in a new Real Housewives of Salt Lake City clip. It is WILD TO ME that she and Erika both filmed these seasons. YOU ARE IN LEGAL JEOPARDY, MADAM.[Socialite Life]

– Related, and very good: Erika Jayne and the Runaway Narrative [Vulture]

– Very interesting and somewhat juicy: COVID Restrictions Are Making New York Fashion Week Very Exclusive. I bet! [The Daily Beast]

– This is a very good interview with Kristen Stewart. [LA Times]

– And THIS is a very good interview with Kirsten Dunst! Both of these actors are so thoughtful in both of these pieces. I loved this bit from Dunst: “[W]hile living in the Oakwood apartments in Los Angeles — an enclave of furnished units populated mostly by child actors and their stage parents — another little girl confronted her by the pool and announced that according to her agent, she’d be the next Kirsten Dunst. ‘I had the wherewithal to be like, This is nuts,’ Dunst said.” [NYT]

– I really want to watch this documentary series: The empty dream that LuLaRoe sold [Vox]