This shopping post is by request! I will note, however, that all my reading has indicated that knee high boots are back for fall — not that they ever totally went away — and that you knee high boot lovers are going to have a very fruitful boot season with lots of options. (Well do I remember a few years ago when I really needed — well, “needed,” but I was going somewhere cold — some flat riding boots and it was tough sledding finding ones that worked. I ended up with, of course, these classic J.Crew numbers. FWIW, J.Crew is certainly in the thrall of boot madness.) Because I know this is going to come up in the comments, I’m going to let you all know right off the bat that Nordstrom has a whole selection of specifically wide-calf boots.  They also have an entire section of narrow-calf boots! Nordstrom is invested in selling you boots that work on your calves, whatever they may be! (Frye also has a good selection of wide-calf boots, btw.)

As am I:

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