Happy weekend — I hope everyone is hanging in there and doing the best they can under the circumstances. If you’re in the path of Hurricane Delta, please stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to our Canadian friends!

Around these parts, we rounded up cute slippers that you might need, and had a very robust book recommendation-related chat. We also had a fun afternoon chat about all the weird, useful things you’ve bought recently.

This is a lovely piece about Kenzo Takada, who died of coronavirus this week. (I recently bought a vintage skirt he designed, and it’s SO beautiful. You can still get Kenzo pieces for decent prices from vintage sellers on Etsy, and even just browsing the selection is an enjoyable experience.) [NYT]

In honor of Eddie Van Halen, one of the best guitarists in the world and one of my town’s most famous sons, who died this week: All 131 Van Halen Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best, a piece that is more complicated and thoughtful and flat-out interesting than that headline implies. [Vulture]

From Jemele Hill at The Atlantic:  Kamala Harris Claims Her Power

And at T&C: Why Kamala Harris’s Remarkably Unremarkable Fashion Is Revolutionary

I know you want to see the preview for the new West Wing special! I very much approve of the addition of Sterling K. Brown to this mix. [Lainey]

Speaking of flashbacks, this really takes me back to a very specific time on the internet: Consider the Snapewife. [Jezebel]

This is VERY interesting and also useful at the New York Times:  Two of These Mail Ballot Signatures Are by the Same Person. Which Ones?

This is fun, at Slate: I Walked All 1,114 Blocks of My ZIP Code Just to Catalog How People Style Their House Numbers

Also at Lainey, I thought this was a very interesting piece about the Rock and his recent endorsement of Biden/Harris.

This is a really interesting — and chilling; it’s quite gory — piece about a lesser-known pair of Los Angeles serial killers: Forty Years Ago, the Sunset Strip Killers Terrorized L.A. [LA Magazine]

Do Cinemas Have a Future After 2020 and The Pandemic? (I hope to God yes; I miss going to the movies!) [Pajiba]

This is so interesting: Centuries Ago, They were Facetuning, Filtering and Catfishing Too. [Messy Nessy Chic]

Somehow I stumbled on this older piece at Mental Floss, and it’s so interesting: The Man Who Picked Victorian London’s Unpickable Lock

Mindy Kaling had a baby! Mazel tov to her, what a nice surprise. [Celebitchy]

At Smithsonian, this is so cool: Ancient Roman Villa Discovered Beneath Italian Apartment Complex

I watched this whole thing happen on Wednesday night: Vampire Diaries’ Matthew Davis Apologizes After Paul Wesley VP Debate Twitter Feud. This year is weird! [Socialite Life]

I really enjoyed this chat at Girls of a Certain Age: On what would you splurge right now if you could?

Here’s some butter:

And, finally, this is the best thing that happened to me all week:

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