Here’s to a peaceful, festive, and delicious Thanksgiving to our fellow Americans, and a peaceful, festive, and delicious Thursday-Sunday to everyone else!

At Bon Appetit: 3 Indigenous Chefs Talk About What Thanksgiving Means to Them

We talked about cocktail recipes this week.

This was really moving, about one of the victims of the El Paso Walmart shooting. At the New York Times: 88 Days of Recovery: How a Girls’ Soccer Team Healed a Broken Coach

At Gen: Big Calculator: How Texas Instruments Monopolized Math Class

This headline is a ride, at Atlas Obscura: Why President Coolidge Never Ate His Thanksgiving Raccoon

Okay, we NEED to talk about this Justin Timberlake situation. Lainey thinks they’ll stay together, and she’s usually right, but I would not be totally surprised if — and we’ll know sooner than later — is that he and Biel might be part of the looming Thanksgiving Divorce News Dump, AKA when your press rep releases news you’re not thrilled about on 5pm the night before a major American holiday in hopes that it doesn’t turn into a thing. [Lainey Gossip]

At Celebitchy, I enjoyed this: Mindy Kaling & Kamala Harris joined up to cook Indian food & judge each other

This is really interesting, at Slate: Life in a Four-Mom Family

I am really enjoying Watchmen, and The Mary Sue has a good interview with its costume designer.

At Vulture, we’re getting a new version of Emma!

Texas Monthly asks a question that concerns us all: Is Taylor Kitsch of ‘Friday Night Lights’ Ever Going to Be a Movie Star?