What a week, what a world! I feel like this particular full moon/Mercury retrograde combo happening this week has been challenging for almost everyone I know.

Do you need new jammies? We can help.

We had a very amusing chat about gag gifts, too.

We contributed to this piece at Glamour, and it was interesting to see how much overlap there was in our picks with the picks of other fashion writers. (FWIW, in addition to the two pieces we have in this, we also chose Billy Porter’s tuxedo gown, Angelina’s Leg Dress, and Lupita’s Oscar Gown, all of which were also chosen, and covered, by other writers.) Behold: The 41 Most Memorable Red Carpet Looks From the Past Decade

This New York Times profile of Tom Hanks is as lovely and warm as you have heard. It’s just…really really nice and good. (It also made me cry?)

Linda Holmes at NPR has our VERY BEST INTERESTS at heart: The Cozy Snowbound Sweater-Wearing Guide To 2019 Holiday Movies. There are like 60 of them!!

This is also great, at the New York Times: We Spent the Night at a Bodega and Wrote It All Down. (Technically, they drew it, too.)

Um, did you know that Mary Steenburgen underwent routine surgery and when she came out of it…she was a great songwriter? I’m not kidding. The story is wild. [Indie Wire]

This was light-hearted and very very amusing, at Empire: Greedo Actor On ‘Maclunkey’: ‘It Confused Me Incredibly’ (I cannot tell you how charming this interview is.)

At Texas Monthly, this is fascinating. Texas Monthly is a really good magazine. A Lone Postman Delivers the Mail to the Far Reaches of the Big Bend.

Lainey’s coverage of Variety’s Actors on Actors series is really interesting.

At New York Mag: The Best Way to Tour a City Is Through Its Grocery Store

Also at Lainey: We have a Golden Globes host. I thought we decided last year we didn’t even need hosts!!! (Also, sweet god, the Globes are early in 2020.)

At Collectors Weekly, this was a fascinating piece about Magic The Gathering cards.

At Celebitchy, this headline pleased me: Henry Golding is infatuated with Daniel Radcliffe and talking leisurely walks

At Fashionista, this is a really interesting interview with Haatepah, an, as they put it, “up-and-coming” model who is “using fashion as a platform to advocate for indigenous rights.”

Did you see this week’s John Oliver? It was pretty amazing AND educational. The Mary Sue lays out Why It’s a Bad Idea to Sue John Oliver

And, finally, at Vulture, this piece about MC Skat Kat is really interesting! I learned things!