This week has felt approximately twenty years long, no? I hope your weekend is restful.

Do you need something COZY? I rounded up the coziest things.

Speaking of cozy, we also exchanged soup recipes.

Wanna read something that makes you feel better? At WaPo: I was part of a trial for Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine. It’s a miracle for genetic medicine. (Please note: This is the headline of the piece, I myself was not in a trial.)

Amazing, also at WaPo: Robin Kemp lost her news job in Clayton County, Ga. — but she kept reporting the news. It paid off on election week.

ALSO at WaPo, this is an excellent read: Voices from the fight: An oral history of the four-year movement to defeat Donald Trump

At the NY Times, a really interesting piece about VP Charles Curtis: Before Harris, This Vice President Broke a Racial Barrier

Great, at NY Mag: The Great 21st-Century Treasure Hunt: A decade-long, sometimes maddening, occasionally deadly, brainscrambling search for gold in the American West.

This is truly one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve ever read: Leta Powell Drake on Her Viral Twitter Clip, Interviewing Celebrities, and Johnny Carson. [Vulture]

I am COMPELLED by the continuing saga of Dominic West and his rich rich wife, who is I’d heard was maybe getting fed up with him but now maybe is not? [Lainey]

At Pop Sugar: SNL Had 85 Minutes to Re-Create Kamala Harris’s White Pantsuit For Maya Rudolph — Here’s How They Did It

These Tilda Swinton tee shirts are rad! (And for a good cause.)

Also at Lainey, we have a new Grindelwald. (Although I have never seen Fantastic Beasts and do not plan to start now, this does feel like good casting? Though I always imagined Grindelwald as Jude Law.)

Related: The Slow Sad Fall of Johnny Depp [Pajiba]

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan — which I am! — this long and logistics-y interview with its showrunner Krista Vernoff will be of much interest. DO NOT READ if you’re not caught up with this week’s episode. [LA Times]

I’m obsessed with these two: Let John and Gisele Fetterman Restore Your Faith in American Democracy [Glamour]

This is a fascinating piece: Hanson Is Facing a Mutiny From Its Own Fans. [Vice]

Eater explores The True Cost of Keeping a Restaurant Open During a Pandemic

Want to hear something nice about a celebrity? Gary Sinise is helping pay off veterans’ mortgages through Veterans United [Pajiba]

At Jezebel: That Shape He Can’t Forget: The Bittersweet History of Diet Soda for Women

Neat! Archaeologists Discover Viking Age Ship Burial in Norway [NYT]