Here we are again, at the end of another week of distressing news on various fronts (in addition to the war in Ukraine, ISIS just bombed a mosque in Pakistan in a terrible terrorist attack); wherever you or your loved ones are, I hope you’re hanging in there okay.

There have been a lot of suggestions as to how to help the people of Ukraine; I personally gave to World Central Kitchen. José Andrés literally drove into Ukraine from Poland to help some bakers there at one point, but I believe WCK is primarily helping to feed refugees at the border there.

I cannot even imagine: Making A Magazine In The Middle Of A War: Checking In With ELLE Ukraine’s Editor-In-Chief [Elle]

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T&C is tailor-made to tell this part of the story: Yachts Owned by Russian Oligarchs Seized in Europe 

This has been an unexpected turn of celebrity events: “Who knew the world needed a celebrity crypto anti-influencer influencer and it would be Ryan from The O.C.?” [The Cut]

Super interesting at The Adventurine: The Making of Lady Gaga’s SAG Awards Necklace. I’m obsessed with this necklace. (While we’re here, don’t forget to vote on your best-dressed of the SAGs!)

This is a fascinating piece: How a man’s death in Beverly Hills exposed a sprawling Hollywood drug delivery business [LAT]

INTRIGUING: Evan Rachel Wood as the unauthorized Madonna. She looks AMAZING? [Lainey]

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This is a sincerely interesting interview with Julia Fox, who 100000% knows what she is doing. [NYT]

I chortled at this headline and also I do not know if I think this is going to be good: “Michael Douglas to play renowned historical horndog Benjamin Franklin.” Although I think Douglas is a good actor, he has Modern Face for me. (Or, you know. ’80s Face, anyway.) [Lainey]

This truly was agonizing: This Agonizing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Clip Left Viewers Frantically Yelling at their Screens [Pajiba]

I wondered if this was going to happen: Laverne Cox defends mentioning ‘entanglements’ to Jada Smith at the SAGs [Celebitchy]

At the Atlantic: Do You Want a Boring Floor Lamp or an Ugly Floor Lamp?

So good: “Oscar-nominated costume designer Paul Tazewell reveals how he chose to dress the Sharks, the Jets, Maria, and Anita for one of [West Side Story’s] most memorable scenes.” [Vanity Fair]

This whole thing is a dang mess: Oscars: Academy Infighting Mounting Over Categories Controversy [THR]

Finally: Do you need new sunglasses?