A gentle reminder that — wait for it, wait for it — the Tonys are this Sunday! And all of Hamiltonia shall gather and wish to be in the room where it happens. Until then, click boom:

– I enjoyed this interview with Azza Gallab, who owns Haremesque (which sells candles), over at Design*Sponge, especially in light of our conversation earlier this week about perfumes. To wit: “Nearly all of the feminine rituals in Sudan include specific scented ingredients such as sandalwood, frankincense, musk and myrrh. Certain beauty treatments are reserved specifically for brides and married women. One treatment includes a woman sitting in a sauna-like smoke bath of aromatic taleh (acacia wood) called dukhan for a few hours a day, for several days at a time. The fragrant smoke cleanses the skin while producing a gorgeous glow as well as perfuming women for many days. When I was a little girl, this all seemed very magical. I loved, and still love, the captivating scent of all the women in my family, particularly my mother. Who, to me, is the best smelling woman on planet earth! Hence, I’m REALLY into fragrances.”

– This interview with Real O’Neals Noah Galvin, at Vulture, is a real corker. He does NOT hold back. (He’s already had to write several apologies for it; I’m sure his PR was apoplectic. Of course, that particular rumor about Bryan Singer — which Vulture deleted, but which is left intact in the Reporter piece — has been in the air for years. Probably not politic to mention it to New York Magazine — when I read it, I couldn’t believe he went there — but not a new piece of info in terms of gossip.)

John Boyega, I heart you. (Lainey)

ESPN’s documentary about O.J. Simpson premieres this week; Linda Holmes examines it. (It is apparently exceptionally good.)

– This is fascinating, at The Guardian: Massive 2,150-year-old monument discovered at Petra

– Doree Shafir at Buzzfeed did a deep dive into the way People has covered domestic violence over the years. It’s dark — unsurprisingly.

– I obviously love this piece in The Observer about sunglasses on TV. You know what we always say…

– Speaking of Hamilton, Renee Elise Goldsberry talks to the ladies at The New Potato.

– Related, at Town and Country: How the Cast of Hamilton Made Philanthropy Their Mission

– I love this headline over at Pajiba:  What Kind of Devil’s Pact of Time Travel Hotness Has Joe Manganiello Gotten Himself Into?

– The NYT takes on the fashions of the NBA.

– At Celebitchy: Bobby Brown had sex with a ghost & other revelations from his ’20/20′ interview. I mean, who hasn’t?

– This is amazing, at Atlas Obscura: The Married Woman Who Kept Her Lover in the Attic. I’m not kidding when I tell you this piece has everything, including this sentence: “…the public saw him not as the tragic romantic he envisioned himself to be but as an immoral sexual deviant with a freaky penchant for attic living.” Go read the whole thing. I am not over-selling it.

– Racked’s story about so-called Disney Brides is fascinating. And not wholly what you might expect. For example: “From accommodating dietary restrictions to making sure those with physical impairments can enjoy the parks, Disney strives to be inclusive of all guests, and no matter what kind of wish your heart makes, you are welcome. Disney Fairy Tale Weddings began taking bookings from same-sex couples in 1997, long before a single American state would recognize the unions as legal.” This sort of thing wouldn’t be my personal jam (other than as a guest, duh), but this story is actually full of great bride-to-brides kindnesses.

— And in case you missed anything at GFY this week, some highlights: