We are running this early because tomorrow is a holiday in the United States, and accordingly, we have a long weekend! We’ll be updating bit and pieces of things over the weekend potentially — certainly, we’ll have a Master Archie Christening Update — but GO LIVE YOUR LIFE! ENJOY!

Or read this:

Do you need a new beach bag? PROBABLY.

I REALLY needed this explainer, at Lainey, of WHAT THE HELL is going on with Taylor Swift right now. There’s a flowchart!

By Sue Bird, US soccer star Megan Rapinoe’s girlfriend, at The Player’s Tribune: So the President F*cking Hates My Girlfriend. This is ostensibly a preview of yesterday’s US v. England match, but it’s still a good read.

This combines a lot of my interests, at Playbill: How Meghan Markle’s Rehearsal Dinner Dress Inspired Tootsie’s Signature Look

At HuffPo: MLMs Are A Nightmare For Women And Everyone They Know

I really enjoyed this, at Epicurious: Celebrating the 4th in the United States of Now. I NEED that Filipino barbecue!!

This is bonkers, at Atlas Obscura: For 40 Years, Crashing Trains Was One of America’s Favorite Pastimes

Over at Pajiba, this really made me chuckle: What Ben Affleck Movie Best Encompasses the Spirit of Billy Joel’s Hit Song ‘Uptown Girl’? It’s a pertinent question.

This was very moving for me, at The New Yorker: “My best friend left her laptop to me in her will. Twenty years later, I turned it on and began my inquest.”

At the New York Times, I find this CONFOUNDING. I’ve seen Les Mis with and without the revolving stage and it feels HALF-ASSED without it. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS, GUYS? (I get it, technologically speaking, for the touring company, but why would you close a theatre that HAS the stage to REMOVE it?!?! This musical makes a ton of money!) I guess I just have a LOT of thoughts about this: The ‘Les Misérables’ Revolving Stage Is Going. Fans Are in a Spin.

At Socialite Life, this is….quite a series of words to read in this order: LOUIS TOMLINSON IS NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT GRAPHIC ANIMATED SEX SCENE WITH HARRY STYLES IN EUPHORIA (I did not mean that to be all caps — it cut and pasted that way — but it is even funnier to me that way.)

This is WAY more sobering, at the New Statesman: The uninhabitable city: what happens when heatwaves become the new normal?

These Star Wars-y TOMS shoes are CUTE. [The Mary Sue]

At The Cut: Americans Keep Mysteriously Dying While on Vacation in the Dominican Republic. My theory is ALWAYS “serial killer.”

At My Modern Met: Illustrations Reimagine Keanu Reeves as Every Dashing Disney Prince

NONE of these dudes seem right for this part. At Celebitchy: Which young Hollywood guy will get cast as Elvis in Baz Luhrmann’s bio-pic?

Finally, from a Fug National: “I know you sometimes shine a light on charitable causes beloved by Fug Nationals, and wanted to very humbly share a charity I work closely with: Sending Love Venezuela. It’s a grassroots organization based in Florida that’s dedicated to sending critically needed supplies (like baby formula, diapers and first aid) to Venezuelans, particularly malnourished children and babies. They share pictures of donations being delivered to kids and parents (like this sweet baby and this muffin), so you can see the direct impact of everything you donate. The founder is from Venezuela originally, and ships pallets of donations directly to her network of friends and volunteers in VZ. You can also name ‘Sending Love Global, Inc.’ as your charitable organization of choice on Amazon Smile–it all adds up in a big way!”