Happy weekend! Hope you have a fun one. Also: If you are able to get vaccinated, and you haven’t done so yet — and you live somewhere with ample opportunities, like the United States — please make time to go get your vax! You really don’t want to get this thing.

Segue to less existentially threatening news: The Heir Affair came out in paperback this week!  You can get it at:

And, of course, by strolling into your local independent bookstore!

And if you haven’t read The Royal We yet, there’s still time to catch up! (And this way, you don’t have to wait five years to read the sequel.) You can grab her at:

And also at your local indie! We also had an event with Casey McQuiston yesterday, which was so fun. If you missed it, you can watch it at The Ripped Bodice’s Facebook page. (We come in there in the middle of a sentence of mine — I’m gushing about Casey’s fantastic new book, One Last Stop.)


I’ve been wondering about this! The Truth Behind The Amazon Mystery Seeds: Why Did So Many Americans Receive Strange Packages They Didn’t Think They’d Ordered? [The Atlantic]

Important: How Hercules Became Antiquity’s Brawny, Brainless Himbo [Jezebel]

This is SO fascinating: Seeing the Pandemic Through the Shuttered Bungalows of an L.A. Sanatorium. This sanatorium is part of a still in-use respiratory hospital on the fringes of Dodger Stadium and I had to drive through it both for a Covid test, and when I drove my parents to get their vaccines. It was very surreal to do so during a respiratory pandemic. [Atlas Obscura]

VERY important: We Caught Up With Prancer, The Viral Nightmare Chihuahua. We Found A Story Of Redemption. [Buzzfeed]

How did I miss that Danny Moder — Julia Roberts’s husband — was in Cannes (he’s a cinematographer) with their daughter Hazel? She’s 16 now! She looks like Julia to me. [Lainey]

Related, and really enjoyable (to read, if not to live): 100 Bewildering Hours at Cannes. [Vulture]

Super interesting: Gossip Is Not a Sin [NYT]

I can’t wait to watch the movie that this story will OBVIOUSLY be made into: Three women discovered they were dating the same man. They dumped him and went on a months-long road trip together. GOOD FOR THEM! [WaPo]

This is a great interview: Joshua Jackson Is Getting Comfortable With the Uncomfortable. [Esquire]

Socialite Life asks, Who is ready for a Simon Rex comeback? I actually might be!

Relevant to discussions we had earlier this week: So Wait, Are Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell Actually Dating?

I’m going to bookmark this one: 40 Perfect Picnic Food Ideas: Easy Recipes Everyone Will Love [Bon Appetit]

This is an interesting piece at Lainey about Bennifer’s house-hunting (and real estate in general).

Somewhat related: From Open House Horrors to Clients from Hell, L.A.’s High-End Real Estate Agents Tell All [LA Mag]

Last week, I said that I thought Brangelina was the world’s longest divorce, but this is definitely also on the list: Georgina Chapman finalized her divorce, got full custody, two homes & a lot more [Celebitchy]