Happy Bastille Day! Have fun storming the barricades, or whatever.

First, a housekeeping note, which you may have already seen on our social media, but if you’re using an old bookmark to get to GFY, please update it so that it’s just plain old GoFugYourself.com. Thank you!

– If you missed it here, we rounded up some bracelets you might need.

– This is a great piece at Vice from Mikelle Street: Lafayette Reynolds Made Me Proud to Be a Queer Black Man

– Curbed’s ode to Prospect Park is really interesting. 

– Racked examines The Many Chokers of Riverdale.

– Newsweek has a great and terrifying piece about how many sites are pivoting to video — why they’re doing it, and why it’s dumb, and why the fact that it’s dumb may not matter.

– As I’m sure you saw, Beyonce released her first pic of the twins on her Insta last night (as I said on Twitter last night, I literally held my laptop closer to my face so I could see their cute tiny little sleeping faces better. BABIES!), making this a good time to revisit this great essay from Soraya McDonald, which she published when the babies were born but which I just saw yesterday: Explaining Beyonce’s public performance of pregnancy and motherhood. [The Undefeated]

– Lainey rounds up all the Emmy awards snubs and surprises. (On my front: I love Barb from Stranger Things, but really?)

– Pajiba’s Emmys round-up is also worth a squizz.

– As is the piece from the New York Times.

The Atlantic examines what the hell is happening with the New York subway, which has seemingly gone from being a great form of public transport (not without issues, but basically reliable and good) to what seems like AN EARTHLY HELL in like…two years. I needed this article because I feel like every week on Twitter I think, “what is HAPPENING with the subway?” We used to go to New York a LOT more than we do now, because we’re not covering Fashion Week anymore, and I feel like it’s fallen apart since we stopped going. Oh god, is this my fault??!?! Also has neat pictures of old transportation infrastructure.

– At Buzzfeed: Jennifer Garner hasn’t been a major movie star in years. So why are gossip magazines so invested in her?

– Also at Buzzfeed, this great interview with GLOW’s Britney Young: This Actor Is Challenging Hollywood’s Outdated Ideas Of Plus-Size Characters

– At Refinery29: You probably want to look at pics of Julianne Hough’s wedding, because YAY WEDDINGS.

– Revelist brings us The Latest News About SJP’s Hair and I REALLY wish she’d go back to this look permanently because it’s my fave Carrie Bradshaw hair.

– Also at Revelist, this made me laugh. It’s a collection of all the times Rihanna has worn something ENORMOUS.

Paste has ranked all the flavors of La Croix, and they are PROFOUNDLY WRONG. PROFOUNDLY. Pamplemousse is OBVIOUSLY the best. This writer loves the combo La Croix, however, and I think most of them taste like cough syrup. I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT THIS.

– Via Celebitchy, apparently Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly are dating now. 

– The Cut put together a variety of quotes from famous women on confidence.

– Flavorwire has rounded up some of the juiciest Hollywood memoirs for your summer reading pleasure.