What a week, what a year. If you are/were affected by the government shut-down, I hope you’re hanging in there. (I literally have no idea what’s happening with that as I write this, as I’ve gotten like ten news alerts — it looks like we’re re-opening temporarily, and people will be getting back-pay, which is good news. But who knows what will happen in the two hours between when I type this and it publishes! Regardless: My hope that you are hanging in there still stands.)

In tonally very different news: The SAG Awards are on Sunday, so prepare yourself for major red carpet coverage here on Monday!

Do you want a fun fuzzy fur-y coat, most likely on sale? I’ve rounded up some of the best.

Lainey’s take on this Brad Pitt/Charlize Theron rumor is exactly why I read her.

This is an amazing story at the New York Times: The Treasure Behind the Wall

At Vulture: Costume Designer Sandy Powell Talks Through 6 of The Favourite’s Best Looks

Also great at the NYT: He Knows the Stars’ Dirty Laundry. Because He Washes It. THIS is the sort of content I want to read! I want to know all your logistics, celebrities!

Long, but worth your time at the New Yorker: The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson’s Archives

Vulture has also asked the question that plagues me: Why Isn’t Law & Order Streaming Anywhere?

Timely! How To Master The Red Carpet According To 3 Celebrity Stylists

At Celebitchy: Wow, Us Weekly’s cover story with John Travolta is astoundingly shady

Pajiba says this as well as I could:  Bryan Singer Is Not Fired from ‘Red Sonja’ Because Hollywood Is a Festering Sh*Thole.  If you don’t have the background on that, this week The Atlantic posted a lengthy and well-reported piece about Bryan Singer allegedly being a rapist of young men and boys. It is a horrifying story, and it’s not a new one; I remember Gawker reporting about Singer over a decade ago. As a warning, that piece may be hard to read, as it is very awful.

At Slate: Rent Gets One More Shot at Glory. (The live FOX version of Rent is also Sunday. Why would they schedule that opposite the SAGs, I do not know. It feels like a lot of overlap in audience.)

At the Mary Sue, this is very important! The Razzie Nominations have ALSO been announced.