Happy weekend, y’all! I hope yours is extremely fun and also very restful.

Do you need to spend your feelings? I rounded up a variety of Cute Things For Spring.

This is a heck of a story: A Murder Solved in DMs: “When Daisy De La O was killed, friends looked to social media for the man they suspected had done it. They found him.” I feel so sorry for Daisy’s family. [The Cut]

One of my rules of thumb is to always read a David Marchese interview, like this one in the New York Times: Julia Roberts Hasn’t Changed. But Hollywood Has.

This is so good: “What Does It Mean to See Ourselves in the Finest of Garbs? Projects like Bridgerton have challenged the restraints of representation on TV—not just in their casting, but in their costuming.” [Harper’s Bazaar]

This week has been tough for Rihanna. I just want her to be happy! [Lainey]

OMG, this story was tailor made for me: Why sewer systems are the key to understanding Les Mis. [Vox]

Asking the important questions: What does Drake posting a throwback pic of him hugging Taylor Swift mean? (I think it means that Drake felt neglected in terms of attention.) [Socialite Life]

This is….extremely funny and dumb. I hooted aloud, with glee, at the video: The legend of the Fenway Pizza Chucker [ESPN]

So good: Inside Severance’s Ridiculous, Revolutionary Self-Help Manifesto, The You You Are. [Vanity Fair]

This is a hoot: “Like, OF COURSE Nicolas Cage once owned a two-headed snake he had to feed with a spatula because the snake heads fought. And  OF COURSE he has a pet crow who randomly swears at him. And NATURALLY he once considered buying a cave full of bats so he could get “totally naked” with his wife in the heart of the earth.” [Lainey]

I don’t know if this is true, but it’s nice if so! Is Keanu Reeves engaged to his longtime girlfriend Alexandra Grant? [Celebitchy]

This is so interesting! The Past, Present, and Future of the Nation’s First Black-Owned Travel Agency, Henderson Travel Service. [Conde Nast Traveler]

Cool! Archaeologists discover historical artifacts during Notre Dame Cathedral restoration [NPR]

I’m obsessed with this story and this woman was….an amazing sport about my worst nightmare: Woman gets stuck head first behind a sofa at North Shields Easter bottomless brunch. [ITV]

Enjoy: And Now, Some Shameless Perving Over Alexander Skarsgård. [Pajiba]

Finally, Robert Morse died at 90 this week. I don’t know if I’ve ever watched this scene without crying: