Happy April Fool’s Day! I shall not be pranking you today. Hope you enjoyed OSCARS WEEK 2022 because Sunday is the Grammys!

This was very interesting: Four Opinion Writers on Will Smith’s Slap: ‘There Are No Heroes in This Story’ [NYT]

Interesting, and logistical, at Lainey: Will, Bradley, and Leaving the Oscars

I know you want to read this — and it’s really good: The Story Behind Kristen Stewart’s Oscar Night Hot Pants [Harper’s Bazaar]

And this is always a pertinent question: This Is How an Oscars Look Stays Wrinkle Free All Night [The Cut]

This is really sweet: John Travolta’s son, Ben, adopted the puppy from the Betty White Oscars tribute [Celebitchy]

Lainey has good coverage of the Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin wedding! Her gowns are gorgeous. This all seems very romantic!

Relevant to our interests: The Gilded Age: The Real-Life Ball That Inspired Bertha’s Extravagant Finale Event [Vanity Fair]

I LOVE this Instagram account: Want to See the Weirdest of Wikipedia? Look No Further. [NYT]

This is fascinating: Behind the Curtain of the 1940s Chinatown Nightclubs that Shattered Asian Stereotypes. [Messy Nessy Chic]

Really interesting: Meet the real-life Sharmas of Regency London: The history behind Bridgerton Season 2 [LAT]

And this is great: Why Bridgerton’s Haldi Scene Made Me Cry [T&C]

The news about Bruce Willis is so sad. [LAT]

This is a VERY good piece (also I’m distraught because I love this show): The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Reality Show Ends Its Run on CMT [Texas Monthly]

I really enjoyed this piece at The Stripe about setting up your bar cart!

Related, it’s true: Every Drink Is Seltzer Now. (I love seltzer so it’s okay by me.) [Eater]

This story is truly a wild ride: How TikTok heartthrob William White’s thirsty fandom turned toxic. [Input Mag]

I’m sure: Cole Sprouse and the Cast of ‘Riverdale’ Badly Want To Be Done with ‘Riverdale’ [Pajiba]

Fun: The 21st Century Fake Accent Matrix [The Ringer]

SO LOGISTICS-Y! The Real Mission Impossible: Saying “No” to Tom Cruise [THR]