Bless this child for shouldering the Cinderella promotional load so heartily. Has Helena Bonham Carter even left the house? Of course, if she had, she probably wouldn’t approve of this:

I want to praise Lily James to the high heavens for not wearing white or beige shoes with this. But it’s awfully plain, no? I think it’s supposed to feel very sophisticated with all those little buttons and the random satin arms, but instead it feels a little like a nightie someone sent to Natalie Portman. Helana Bonham-Carter would not be satisfied until this was accessorized with a petticoat and some plaid scarves and then a few twigs poking out of Lily’s head. Part of me wants her to sweep in like the fairy godmother she ACTUALLY is, just to see how it might go.

This Dior went markedly better:

Lily James

Sure, it’s short, but it’s also ADORABLE and so is she in it. The way Dior is embracing her on this junket, I wouldn’t be surprised if J.Lawr and Marion Cotillard are about to get a new family member.

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