No one is more excited than I am than The Return of The Dunst (wearing presumably Prada or Miu Miu here, given that both of these events are Miu Miu-related shenanigans):

Because I have (apparently) a weakness for dresses that look 60s surf-inspired but actually cost as much as my car, I am all about this. I can easily imagine her leaning over a tiki bar to get a drink served in a coconut, and that’s kind of all I need right now, although I’d add giant sunglasses to the equation. (I AM HOLDING ONTO THE LAST DREGS OF SUMMER LIKE GRIM DEATH LEAVE ME ALONE.)

The other look from this weekend is slightly less successful although it might also inspire a cocktail:

While I love this color on her — and I love the shoes — am I crazy, or is this basically a shirt? Pants, Kiki. That’s what you forgot to pack.

[Photos: Getty]