Happy Friday, everyone! And a very happy Mother’s Day to you Moms out there, who are living in a country which celebrates it on Sunday. (I mean, best wishes to the rest of you, too, obviously.)

– In case you missed it, we also covered the Met Gala for Cosmo!

– Really excited to see that The Royal We made Pop Sugar’s list of recommended summer paperbacks

– At Atlas Obscura: The Female Ghost Buster Who Rooted Out Spiritual Fraud for Houdini


– Speaking of, I’m sure you want to see him dancing with Taylor Swift at the Met Gala (Marie Claire)

– Boston Magazine tells us what it was like to sail aboard the Gronk Party Ship. In short: DRUNK. Also, full of people who didn’t realize what was going on, because apparently said party ship did not sell out. This whole thing is really quite entertaining.”What is Gronk’s brand? Gronk’s brand is frat-row joie de vivre. Gronk’s brand is posing shirtless for a magazine spread while draped in kittens. Gronk’s brand is humping a duck boat during the Super Bowl victory parade while wearing a Minions hat.” Also of note, re: the boat itself, “The Pearl’s claims to fame include hosting the band Kiss five separate times, as well as causing a power outage that affected the entire European continent while passing through the Ems River in Germany in 2006.”

– At Pajiba, this is interesting:  Thanks to ‘Hamilton,’ Ticket Scalping Is Now a Disgustingly Lucrative Career Path

– Related — kinda — is Vulture’s Oral history of Rent.

– Also at Vulture: Let’s Celebrate the Inimitable Style of The Good Wife’s Diane Lockhart

– I liked this headline at Vox: The Craft, now 20 years old, is a vicious love letter to teen girl rage

– And in case you missed anything at GFY this week — it was wall-to-wall Met Gala — here are some highlights: