Happy long weekend to many of you! I NEED THIS.

ICYMI, we have a TON of royal wedding coverage and you can see it all here.  We also wrote a piece about being in Windsor for the event that ran in Cosmo.

Well said, by Linda Holmes at Monkey See: Under The Skin: Why That ‘Arrested Development’ Interview Is So Bad

At Collectors Weekly: Make It Work: Street Style for the Sensitive German Renaissance Man

At Lainey: Are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield back together???? ARE THEY?!?!?!

I enjoyed this ODE TO DIPS at Jezebel.

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At the Ringer: Serena’s French Open Is Not an Encore.

At Pajiba: NBC Picks “Hair” For Their Next Live Musical, Suggesting That Nobody At NBC Has Ever Seen “Hair” Wow. I look forward to seeing how they handle the full-frontal nudity. Or….the rest of it, also.

At Racked: A Cultural History of Hideous Sandals. You know I love my gold Birks!

At Celebitchy: Michael B Jordan, shirtless. (Need I say more?)

Very important to me as we lurch into summer, at The Stripe: How to Make the Perfect Negroni.