And Oscar week is over! Thanks for making it fun, everyone. We’ll have results from Best and Worst Dressed waiting for you on Monday morning, and if you somehow missed the red carpet, you can relive it thanks to our liveblog, here.  Until then:

– This week, over at Vanity Fair, we ask: Who Wore It Best: Real Bill Clinton, or Fake Bill Clinton? (Vanity Fair)

– The New Yorker gave us a wonderful piece this week about Harriet the Spy and To Kill a Mockingbird and, in Anna Holmes’s words, how Harriet and Scout are  “two of the most important American examples of enlightened, audacious girlhood.” Moreover, Harriet the Spy taught me what a dumbwaiter is. Make yourself a tomato sandwich and read this. (The New Yorker)

Here’s your weekly Benedict Cumberbatch, courtesy of the New York Times magazine, T. Enjoy! (T)

– The New York Times also interviews Dick Button, and not only is he a delight, but his apartment is fabulous. (New York Times)

The Hollywood Reporter asks, “Shailene Woodley: The Next Jennifer Lawrence?” Shailene is her usual gentle, crunchy self in this interview, and the story opens as all stories about Shailene do, with her hugging a stranger who is interviewing her. Gentle readers, Shailene hugged me when I spoke to her at Fashion Week. She really is just…so nice. Like, insanely nice. I want good things for that kid. (THR)

– We were gushing over Rinko Kikuchi’s fab Louis Vuitton bag yesterday, now Elle has SO MANY LOUIS VUITTON BAGS for us to admire. (Elle)

Human Sacrifice, Dogs and Cats Living Together, an Oral History of Ghostbusters. RIP, Harold Ramis. (Esquire)

– Anna Kendrick may have had a rough go on our Worst Dressed list this week, but her Oscars weekend diary for Vogue is really cute. (Vogue)

– And let’s eyeball some celeb Instagram pics from the Oscars, while we’re at it. (Refinery29)

Pajiba presents 8 Wes Anderson Characters With Highly Enviable Wardrobes. I spent a fair amount of time trying to duplicate Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tenenbaums and I’m not ashamed to admit it. (Pajiba)

Treat Yo Self: the Monkey See blog salutes Donna Meagle. I love Donna. I hope that Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones’s departure from Parks and Rec = MORE DONNA. (Monkey See)

– Speaking of Wes Anderson, there’s a good bit in Vulture this week, interviewing his music supervisors about their 12 most memorable scenes. (Vulture)

– God, the new Annie trailer looks terrible. Cameron Diaz, you are no Carol Burnett. (Lainey)

– Maybe I want to go to there? The A.V. Club eats booze-infused “Drunkin Donuts.” (Video) (AV Club)

Martha Stewart’s AMA was basically amazing. Martha, you are my everything, even if you do wear gold lame capri pants now and then. Maybe even BECAUSE you wear them. (Celebitchy)

– Do you want to ogle Leighton Meister’s wedding/engagement ring? (She just married Adam Brody to create a Josh Schwartz supercouple.) People has you covered. (People Stylewatch)