Greetings! We are knocking off work a bit early today, because it’s Passover and Good Friday, and I suspect many of you are bailing from your own offices early — or at least, that is what I wish for you. Have a great weekend regardless, please — and the finals of Fug Madness will be TUESDAY, because it’s both Cesar Chavez Day and Easter Monday so many of you might not be in front of your computers. Make sure you voted in the final four!

Do you need specific travel tips for an upcoming vacay or trip? FUG NATION HAS YOU.

Are you looking to buy yet another something striped? We’ve ALSO got you.

Is Justin Theroux dating Aubrey Plaza? I can actually kind of see this. [Lainey]

Did you hear about this? It’s amazing — at NPR: 36-Year-Old Accountant Called In As Emergency NHL Goalie — And He Crushed It

A must read, at HuffPo: Sean Penn The Novelist Must Be Stopped

At The New Yorker, this is so good: Britney Spears Returns, as the Face of Kenzo’s La Collection Memento. To wit: “As a girl, I found Spears’s gift for projecting the agitated intelligence of fed-up girls almost frighteningly appealing. Spears was not the idol whose style one would go broke imitating, as one would trying to copy someone like Aaliyah, who was a matron saint of high-end streetwear; it was Spears’s mood that we wanted to emulate. She was not a designer’s girl; in fact, she communicated best when shedding clothes, tearing off a pin-striped pants suit to reveal a bejewelled, nude two-piece, at the MTV Video Music Awards, in 2000, while she performed “Oops! I Did It Again.” In the aughts, people forced themselves into low-rise jeans; Spears’s pairs went dangerously low, exposing hipbone and ass crack, and the fairy tattoo above it. Fashion loves the quiet wink of the clavicle, the suggestive sensuality of ankles; Britney was totally obvious, reorienting the female silhouette around midriff and lower back. An inveterate entertainer, she looked ludicrous on the red carpet in gowns.”

This is SO INTERESTING, at the BBC. It’s a very logistics-y piece about “the long-serving art handling manager at Tate Liverpool.” Like, someone has to figure out how to move all that art around!

Speaking of art, this piece at The Cut is a thing of beauty: The Wigs on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Are Their Own Characters

Fascinating, at Buzzfeed: How Nashville Became One Big Bachelorette Party.

Pajiba wonders Which Olivia is the #BestOlivia?

This is brilliant, at Electric Lit: This Handy Chart Automatically Generates a Pitch for Your New Novel

At Celebitchy: Michael Vartan shuts down the idea of getting back together with Jennifer Garner. RUDE.

The ladies at Revelist tried the Draper James/Eloquii collaboration.