First and foremost! Have you cast your Fug Madness votes? You must. It all depends on you. Then, come back and enjoy the following:

– IMPORTANT! Heather and I will be appearing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Sunday, April 13th, at HIGH NOON. Please come out and say hello! We will not have a new book out, but we will be in the home stretch of writing The Royal We, so we’ll be EXTRA CRAZY.  Details at our book blog! To which I just linked right there.

– This week’s WHO WORE IT BEST over at Vanity Fair pits NY Knicks owner James Dolan against Zenmaster Phil Jackson (Vanity Fair)

– Speaking of brackets, SB Nation is running brackets to determine the Most Nicolas Cage-y Nicolas Cage movie, which is the best thing ever. (SB Nation)

– This is relevant to our interests. Collectors Weekly examines what makes something ugly. And it is FASCINATING. A taste: “Paradoxically, if every single thing in the world were flawless and perfectly proportioned, humans would be miserable.” Well, we can attest to that, no? (CW)

– This might be my fave movie review headline of the week: ‘Divergent’ Is the Worst John Hughes Teen Comedy Ever. (Pajiba)

- This filled me with joy: 19 Impeccable Style Tips From “Dynasty’s” Alexis Carrington. (Buzzfeed)

– Speaking of delights: The history of dancing in film in one 246-movie supercut. (Sploid)

– There is going to be a JEM and the Holograms movie???!!! (Vulture)

Kit Harrington is now the face of Jimmy Choo. Presumably for men. (People StyleWatch)

– Vulture tries to narrow down the best cameos of the Muppets movies. (Vulture)

– I am pleased that Intern George is dating such a brainy woman. An Oxford grad, a human rights lawyer (she’s like Mark Darcy, sans the reindeer sweater) with a major resume,  fluent in three languages. About time, George.  (Lainey)

– Sometimes I feel like Refinery29 really knows me. To wit: Find Your Orange-Lipstick Soul Mate. (Refinery29)

– I admit that I use both of GOOP’s cookbooks all the time and I think they are great. But I cannot with Tracy Anderson. (The Cut)

Here’s Tom Mison at Paley Fest, because we love you. (Also: Nicole Behari looks SO cute). (Celebitchy)

– THIS is exactly why I read Vanity Fair (also because they have great royals coverage): How 1,280 Artworks Stolen by the Nazis were Hidden in a Munich Apartment Until 2012. There is nothing I love more than taking things from the Nazis. We are STILL coming after you, Nazis. (Vanity Fair)