Everyone, keep warm. Unless you’re in California with me, in which case: PRAY FOR MORE RAIN. Do we need to do some kind of ritual sacrifice? While I look into that:

– Mental Floss tracked down the Olympians who are the sole representative of their country for Sochi. (Mental Floss)

– You’re going to enjoy this: A Brief History of Harvey Weinstein’s Oscar Campaign Shenanigans. (Vulture)

Here’s a virtual Lego Set. Say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon! (Lego)

– It cracks me up that both Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Middleton are secret closet fans of The Only Way Is Essex. So am I! Can the three of us get lunch? I actually have a lot to tell both of them. (Celebuzz)

– I am in the midst of a major lipstick obsession, so it’s nice that The Cut went out and test-drove some of the really, really expensive ones. (The Cut)

Lainey has the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars and if you ugly-cried at the book, you will bawl at the trailer. I am not kidding when I say that I don’t know if I can see this movie in public. (Lainey)

– Sometimes, you just want to look at a slideshow full of sunglasses. Everyone looks better in them. (Refinery29)

– You will not be surprised to see that Jessica Simpson’s mouth is open in all of her new ads for her clothing line. (Although she does look cute in them. Just open-mouthed. Consistently.) (People StyleWatch)

Here’s your Weekly Hiddleston. Don’t say I never did anything for you. (Celebitchy)