You need to know that I originally dated this post “2012.” That’s not even LAST year. So I think I need a nap. While I take one, please enjoy the following:

– If you missed this in our awards coverage, I invite you to check out the in-depth interviews Heather and I conducted with Kristin Burke, the costume designer for Sleepy Hollow. Here is Part 1, and then Part 2.

– Speaking of, our friends at Vulture compiled a list of all the modern things that freaked out Ichabod. (Vulture)

– And on the subject of costumes: This piece on the funniest Star Trek: The Next Generation costumes contains a man who’s essentially in a combination of Borat’s bathing suit and a diaper (sorry, Sacha Baron Cohen, you didn’t do it first). Jean-Luc Picard surely wouldn’t have cared for that. (io9)

This Tumblr points out which costumes get re-used in movies and TV shows, including a Downton Abbey dress that appeared on both Cora AND Aunt Rosamund. (Recycled Movie Costumes)

Zara Philips has named her baby and it’s a lovely normal name and not “royal” feeling at all. I always wondered if Zara was annoyed that Princess Anne made the executive decision to de-royal Zara, like, let me reject my own title, Mom. (Lainey)

– Speaking of potentially bossy royals, apparently Prince Charles has decided that his own press office will also be Harry, William, and Kate’s press office, because he wants to control their press coverage better, and he dislikes that — for example — Kate’s outfits get more press than his own charitable work with the sheep or whatever. For one thing, that is just the nature of the beast, dude: We don’t even get press releases about any Materials Royal, and we’re still covering the balls out of Kate’s wardrobes, because people are interested in seeing what female celebrities wear, especially when they are just flarging around on the internet eating their chopped salad during lunch on a work day. But also, if I were William and Harry, I would NOT be best pleased with this — like, back off, Dad, and let me release my own press releases. Jeez. (Celebitchy)

– Pajiba is right: Marnie’s hilarious Edie Brickell video was amazing on Girls last week. (Lena hates Marnie, right? Like, really hates her.) (Pajiba)

– The Olympics are coming, and so is curling, and so are the Norwegian curlers and their amazing pants! (New York Times)

– If you don’t introduce an oral history of Swingers with the phrase, “this is so money,” you don’t deserve to introduce an oral history of Swingers. It’s awesome. (Grantland)

– If you like Downton Abbey, you should read Anne Helen Peterson’s super-smart piece about it — and its ladies, and “having it all” -- over at The Hairpin. Although I disagree with her that no one cares about Isobel. I LOVE Isobel. (The Hairpin)

– Hey, they think they found the remains of Alfred The Great. I just love how all over the UK, they’re finding the bodies of super important historical figures random places (this is not as random as Richard III Under the Car Park, of course), because it’s always a story that contains things I’m interested in: history, royals, and archeology. Basically, if Prince Harry turned into Indiana Jones, it would be the best thing that ever happened, as far as I am concerned. (Royal Central)

– You know I love the New York Diet feature on Grub Street, and Chris Benz’s is the best. He is really amusing. Write a book, Chris Benz. Also, I miss your fashion show, so please start doing that again. I have a lot of demands for Chris Benz. (Grub Street)

– This is a thoughtful and wonderful essay by Kim France about how being fired from Lucky ended up being a good thing. (Babble)