Happy Friday, friends. I hope you’re hanging in there. As a bit of housekeeping: No Royals Round-up this week, because I had nary a photo to run; turns out a raging contagious pandemic puts a damper on everyone leaving the house. Hopefully, they’ll be back sooner than later (healthily!). What a year it’s been already; may this weekend be restful for you.

At the Undefeated, a brilliant piece from Soraya Nadia McDonald: The dangerous magical thinking of ‘this is not who we are’

From Karen Attiah at the Washington Post: Vogue’s Kamala Harris cover shows that diminishing powerful Black women is still in fashion

At Vogue: On Stacey Abrams and the Persistent Problem of Leaning Too Heavily on Black Women

This is really illuminating: A Day in the Life of a Navajo Nation Health Worker [Elemental]

Really interesting, at Buzzfeed: Home Inspectors Are Roasting Terrible Remodels On TikTok And It’s So Satisfying

At Lainey, Fergie (the duchess, not the Pea) has written (well, I’m sure she had help from a ghostwriter) a romance novel and she has introduced it…well, just go read about it. 

Agreed: I Recommend Eating Chips [New York Times]

At Vulture: Stupid Times Call for Stupid Jokes

Unsettling as hell: The Unlikely Connection Between Wellness Influencers and the Pro-Trump Rioters

NOW I understand why we all got to see Zoom pictures of Mary-Kate Olsen’s divorce proceedings. (Lainey)

At Vice: How Lizzie McGuire Reinvented Tween TV and Became a Millennial Obsession

Over at Socialite Life….what is happening with Armie Hammer? 

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At LitHub: The Importance of Getting Food Right in Fiction

At Vox: The paradox of online “body positivity”

Really interesting: The Shifting Media Narratives of Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles and Jason Sudeikis [Pajiba]

Here at GFY  We rounded up some cute things that might make you happy.

Also, ICYMI, I think you might enjoy this Patrick Dempsey Hairstory.

We discussed the Sex and the City reboot, AND your fave Work From Home lunch situations.

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