The Oscars are a week from Sunday! Just in case you were wondering.

– This week for Vanity Fair, we were asked to decide Who Wore It Best: Bob Costas or Bill de Blasio? Everyone give it up to Conjunctivitis Bob! (Vanity Fair)

– The makeup budget for Oscars-nominated Dallas Buyers Club was $250. That’s IT. How they did it. (Vanity Fair)

– The Costume Designers Guild gives out awards this weekend, so Jarett Wieselman got seventeen nominees to discuss his/her favorite ensemble from his/her nominated work. It includes outfits from Breaking Bad, American HustleSaturday Night Live, Catching Fire, and of course, Matt Damon’s Disco Balls from Behind The Candelabra. (Buzzfeed)

– Follow Johnny Weir on Instagram. DO IT. (Instagram)

– Speaking of: Homeschool, Barfing, and Sequins: 15 Insiders on the World of Figure Skating. (The Cut)

– The awesome Will Leitch is in Sochi, and he went to the women’s figure skating, watched every single person, and wrote something great about it. Actually, all his Sochi stuff has been terrific and you should treat yourself to it, but I love that Mao Asada made him jump out of his seat. (Sports on Earth)

– Indeed, it’s from Leitch that I got the link to the New York Times’ “Fourth” feature, which is short interviews or blurbs on people who juuuuust missed the podium this Olympics. I can’t decide how I feel about it — I mean, they’re all really well-written, but there’s part of me that feels like it’s rubbing salt in the wound to walk up to someone and be like, “So. FOURTH. TALK SPECIFICALLY ABOUT WHETHER YOU ARE MISERABLE ABOUT THAT.” And yet I’m sure that’s not how it came across, and they are seasoned athletes and being interviewed about your failures is as much a part of the gig as being interviewed about your successes, so. (The New York Times)

– And Grantland came across a Playboy from 1980 that includes an AMAZING 1980 Olympics preview in which they note the US hockey team has LEGIT NO CHANCE to beat Russia. (This is safe for work.) (Grantland)

Reality Bites is 20 years old this week — I KNOW — and Vulture salutes the awesomeness of Janeane Garofalo’s Vickie Miner. (Vulture)

– Happy birthday also to Harriet The Spy. Make yourself a tomato sandwich and read this wonderful Valentine to one of my very favorite books ever. (Publisher’s Weekly)

Lena Dunham, ILU: “‘I love clothes but I don’t care about best dressed and worst dressed lists. I actually get a perverse pleasure from being told I look horrible. So I get designers I love to make me dresses I’m excited about and then I wear them, and whatever the reaction is, I feel stoked,’ she said.” I know this is a crazy thing to say given my job, but I actually think that is the exact right reaction. Because they’re just clothes. You look insane one day, who cares? We all get to try again the next time.  (Vogue)

– This headline makes me laugh: ‘Endless Love’ vs ‘Winter’s Tale’: A Scientific Analysis Of Which Is the Lesser Blight Upon Humanity. (Pajiba)

People need to stop talking about the possibility of another Sex and the City movie. The series ended so beautifully and then the first movie was a mess and then the second movie was basically an international incident! LET CARRIE BRADSHAW GO unless it’s the Carrie of The Carrie Diaries, because that show is so charming and I have an inappropriate crush on Austin Butler. (Lainey)

– You’ll be relieved to know that scientists ARE trying to figure out a way to avoid us all being killed if an asteroid comes for us. (Newsweek)

– Gawker mocked up a wedding announcement for Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf on the occasion of Adam Brody and Leighton Meester’s real-life nuptials, and it’s pretty awesome. (Gawker)

– Now that Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are married for real, Elle has matched up a variety of other fictional characters, with brilliant results. I cannot rest until Chuck Bass and Juliette Barnes take over the world! (Elle)

– Aw, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have matching L’Oreal contracts now! (Celebitchy)

– Some home-cooking: All our Olympics figure-skating costume coverage went up this week: First the pairs (that Pink Panther routine killed us in the best way), then the men (complete with everyone’s Plushenko conspiracy theories), then ice dancing (did you know Charlie White is dating Tanith Belbin? The comments are so informative), and then earlier today, the women.

– AND FINALLY: The last Downton Abbey of the U.S. TV season is on Sunday; catch up and muse about that damn missing Gutenberg Bible via our recaps of the first eight episodes, and if your liver is feeling bold, play along with our drinking game.