You guys, the Oscars are on Sunday. I hope you’ve been eating your Wheaties. We’re not live-blogging the red carpet, but you can follow along with all the shenanigans on Twitter — and of course we’ll be ALL OVER IT here on GFY on Monday. Until then:

– Speaking of the Oscars, we revisited the 2005 Oscars red carpet for Cosmo.

– Still speaking of the Oscars, Vanity Fair live-blogged the 1995 ceremony, AKA the year of Uma/Oprah.

People put together a “where are they now?” about famous Oscar dresses.

– Also from VF: the make-up artist from Grand Budapest Hotel tells us how she turned Swinton into an old lady.

– AND! The reunion of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer!! This article is so good. I love you, Capt Von Trapp.

– I think you’ll enjoy this article about the hidden meanings of Celebrity Pinterests. (Zulkey)

– Robin Givhan’s writing about fashion is so smart. Here, she takes on Kanye, and menswear, for the Washington Post.

– Relevant, as they say, to your interests: ‘Dawson’s Creek’: The Pacey & Joey essential episode guide, thanks to Zap2It.

– Hottest Heads of State ranks the US Presidents in Order of Hotness, which is obviously the most important metric for a leader.

– This is a great piece in the New Yorker about Key and Peele.

– Also at The New Yorker, a very thoughtful and interesting reflection on Joan Rivers.

– The Toast reflects upon the dream of Chris Evans being one’s boyfriend aka MY OWN PERSONAL DREAM.

Carey Mulligan looks great in the trailer for Far From the Madding Crowd, which I have actually never read. (Lainey)

– This is amusing: 18th century advice on “How to Bag a Handsome Man.” (History of Love)

– I love that Pajiba is still obsessed with the craziness of Winter’s Tale.

Elle’s drawings of NYFW are really neat.

–I’m sure you want some of the inside deets on the Cumberbatch wedding. (Celebitchy)