Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you enjoy it.

First: a housekeeping note: We’re having some weird issues with comments on the site today; some of them are disappearing into the ether [well, not the ether; I can see them in the backend, so they still exist, but they’re getting lost on the way to the site]. We are working on it! So if your comments do not show up for some reason, it’s not personal and we know! We’re on it!

Thrilled to see that The Heir Affair is on The AV Club’s August reading list!

We picked some good beauty options from the Nordstrom sale, which is finally open to everyone.

I am fairly sure I linked to this really outstanding piece at The Atlantic about Joe Biden’s stutter when it ran, at the beginning of the year. If I didn’t, I definitely read it and it was one of those pieces that truly stayed with me. If you didn’t read it then, read it now — it’s so well done. (The author of the piece also has a stutter.)

Some of you mentioned that you were obsessed with the Lost Colony of Roanoke as kids. Well! ‘The mystery is over’: Researchers say they know what happened to ‘Lost Colony’ [The Virginian-Pilot]

I am EXCITED about this Daniel Dae-Kim and Randall Park heist project! [Lainey]

This seems fun and useful, at Atlas Obscura: How to Make Ice-Cream Cocktails Like a True Wisconsinite

This is so good, at Eater: Anxiety in the Deep End: Drowning my worries of germy kitchen surfaces and ethical COVID-19 concerns in the blissful oasis of a vacation rental pool

I liked this, at GQ: Now Is a Great Time to Go Back to an Old iPod

Also at Lainey: this is a lot of news about a VARIETY of Batmans. Batmen?

This is a great list, at USA Today: 100 Black novelists and fiction writers you should read, from Abi Daré to Zora Neale Hurston

At Celebitchy: James Blunt was on an all meat diet for two months and got scurvy.  SCURVY!

This is well worth your time, at Texas Monthly: Vivian Stephens Helped Turn Romance Writing Into a Billion-Dollar Industry. Then She Got Pushed Out.

Socialite Life reports: Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Remains The Same After Hearing

The Ringer reports on One Twitter Account’s Quest to Proofread The New York Times

This is fun, at Guest of a Guest: Inside Alva Vanderbilt’s Party Of The Century

I suspect you’ll want to read this: Being Jessica Fletcher: How binging Murder, She Wrote in quarantine is helping me be a better person [CBC]

We were on Kim France and Tally Abecassis’s podcast Everything Is Fine this week, and had a great time chatting with them about all sorts of things!