FRIDAY AT LAST. Los Angeles is like A BOILING VAT OF LAVA right now; wherever you are, I hope it’s temperate and perfect. To the links!

Here’s your Hiddleston update, and it includes A GIANT HAT. (Lainey)

– At Pajiba: Pop-Culture Inspired Fantasy Football Team Names For Those Uninterested In Brady Ball Puns. I like anything with a That Thing You Do! reference.

– On the sports tip, I LOVE Grantland’s coverage of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

– T Swift is obviously buying this amazing Scottish castle. (Lonny)

– At the Washington Post: How the Brat Pack got its name — and spoiled celebrity journalism forever.

– How does Josh Jackson feel about Dawson’s Creek being in re-runs now? Let him tell you himself. (Video) (TV Guide)

– At Smithsonian: Teenage Girls Have Led Language Innovation for Centuries.

– It’s possible that Britney has been secretly rehabbing her knee all along?!?!? Because her dancing is way, way better all of a sudden. (Buzzfeed)

– Oooh, I love a Beauty Routine article and this is LUPITA’S. YES. (Harper’s Bazaar)

– Also right up my street, at Elle: The Best Celebrity Airport Looks.

– The winners of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest — in which writers compete to write the worst opening sentence for a book that they can come up with — have been announced. FWIW, I’d probably read all of those books.

And your weekly Cumberbatch! I will note that the one time we’ve interacted with Cumberbatch (Heather interviewed him at the Emmys), he was totally a delight. (Celebitchy)

– This piece about crinolines on Mashable is fascinating.

Totally relevant to our interests: how 8 fonts got their names. Surprisingly, the Garamond origin story we invented for The Royal We isn’t on there….(Quick and Dirty Tips)

– I LOVE what Keira Knightley named her baby. (Lainey)

Heather and I were on the Extra Hot Great podcast this week, where she presented the best episode of Melrose Place ever for induction into their Hall of Fame, and we took part in a real nail-biter of a Game Time.