Jamie Chung is one of those people who’s racked up a list of credits, but I still feel like I need to recite them when we feature her. Which is neither here nor there — it means nothing about her as a person, and for what it’s worth, the time we sat behind her at Fashion Week she was ridiculously nice — but you know. Sometimes people like to know the context, and I can’t always remember it myself; for instance, I forgot she’s a voice in Big Hero 6, so there you go.

All of which is just a preamble to a compliment:

Which is that she looks GREAT here — like, her lipstick is tying in the shoes in a way that’s pretty amazing — and makes me want to cloak myself in stripes. More so than usual. It’s a hundred degrees here so obviously I need to wait to steal this off her body until November, but I’m coming, Jamie. Brace yourself.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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