Happy weekend, one and all!

I’m sure you’ve heard that Trading Spaces is back. I hope someone puts hay on the wall again. Anyway! Design*Sponge did a fun piece called Life Lessons from Trading Spaces. Personally, I learned not to put hay on the wall.

You may have already read this, but if you haven’t, you should. At Vulture: How 50 Famous Female Characters Were Described in Their Screenplays. It’s ILLUMINATING.

Molly Ringwald wrote an excellent essay for The New Yorker: What About “The Breakfast Club”? Revisiting the movies of my youth in the age of #MeToo.

At Lainey: Brad Pitt may be in the midst of a new romance, with a very VERY smart woman.

Kate Hudson IS pregnant, as at least one of you was recently theorizing. Mazel, girl. [People]

Vogue asks What Fresh Hell Is Going On With the NFL and Its Treatment of Its Cheerleaders?

The Ringer dives deep into what we’re all wondering, and (very amusingly) ranks all of Justin Bieber’s chest tattoos. You guys, if you haven’t seen the Biebs’s bare chest lately…it’s…got a lot happening. As Ringer notes, “Bieber’s chest is to tattoo heads what Westworld is to puzzle-box aficionados.”

FTW bought us a One Shining Moment for the women’s basketball tournament — made by an assistant coach at Westminster College —  because they don’t get one, which is BULLSHIT.

You probs want to see Meryl Streep in costume as Nicole Kidman’s mom in season two of Big Little Lies. (I had to do some math to figure out if Meryl is old enough to have given birth to Nicole and the answer is “technically, certainly, yes.” They’re 18 years apart.) [Glamour]

I truly love the product at The Ordinary, and their CEO is….not a person who really should be speaking for the brand in public and it gives me anxiety. HAND YOUR INSTAGRAM OVER TO A PROFESSIONAL SO I CAN CONTINUE TO BUY CHEAP LACTIC ACID. THANK YOU.

Pajiba asks a pertinent question: Today in WTF: What Are ‘Arm Tights’? And Also… Why?

I liked this, at The Cut: Looking Like Myself Is Getting Expensive. To wit: “When I dyed my hair in college, I was trying to be less frightened of everything, and I believed having red hair would act as a shortcut. Dyeing my hair did, as it turned out, impart many of the stereotypical qualities associated with redheads. In the months immediately afterward, my personality, and people’s reactions to me, changed in the way I’d hoped. I made friends more easily; I went to parties and assumed people wanted to talk to me. I dressed more flamboyantly and became more comfortable drawing attention to myself. Changing my appearance acted as a permission, and got me through the door to much of what I now understand as my own identity.”

It cracks me up that Revelist did an entire post about Elvira tattoos. (I was, like many young people in the 80s, OBSESSED WITH ELVIRA. Her whole look just really spoke to me.)

Over at Celebitchy: Adam Rippon has a new boyfriend! (He’s VERY cute.)