I’m excited for Zendaya, who plays a character called Michelle — per IMDb — in the new (again) Spider-Man reboot. The only other movie I remember her really being involved with was the TV flick about Aaliyah, and she pulled out/was detached from the project after fans complained that her skin was too light. This is a big chance for her, and I hope the script pitches her a fastball down the middle. (The rest of the cast is also interesting, including Emmy-nominee Bokeem Woodbine from Fargo, Michael Keaton, Hannibal Buress, Donald Glover, Martin Starr, and Selenis Leyva, in addition to the obligatory Iron Man cameo. I am not someone who needed the first set of Spider-Man movies, much less the second or third, but here’s hoping — for Zendaya’s sake at least — this one is the charm.)

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